Introducing Subscription

The days of owning cars are numbered as the world moves towards mobility as a service. Wagonex offers an alternative to ownership through our membership subscription service giving you the ability to have the car you want, when you want, to suit your lifestyle.


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Step 1

Take a look at the latest offers on the platform. Browse cars in a variety of shapes and sizes from our partners including some of the best car brands in the world.


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Join with your email to see more details about subscription cars available on the platform.


Choose Cars

Step 3

What will you be driving next? Choose your next car from our variety of our flexible membership offers. Simply click ‘Get Car’ and you’re away.



Step 4

We will need to run a few checks to make sure that you are who you say you are and that the DVLA hasn’t got you on their naughty list. These are fully automated and take 24 hours.



Step 5

Choose your payment method and we will set up your all in one monthly subscription.



Step 6

Get your car delivered to your home or if you fancy you can pick it up yourself!



Step 7

This is the bit you have been waiting for! The car is yours to enjoy. Service, maintenance, insurance and rescue are all included you simply need to pay for petrol.



Step 8

Switching cars is fun. Why should you be tied in to one car for the long term. Our membership subscription offers the potential to switch cars as and when you wish, subject to availability. Have a convertible for the summer or an SUV for those winter months, the choice is yours, enjoy!

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